Hey everybody,
so.. Here's the song. The Pyramids - Tessellate (Alt-J cover)

This piece was recorded in the basement where we practice. Using 2 channel M Audio interface I recorded everything separately.
First the drums. I have set of drums mics, but unfortunately not enough inputs on interface. So here I used mixing desk. I'm pretty much satisfied with drums now, altough I don't have much choice when it comes to mixing (no separate channels). And the snare bothers me a little (think that was issue of its membrane).
Bass and guitar were recorded directly into interface. Guitar is recorded for left and right pannel separately (think that gives me the wideness).
And the vocals. Here I used MS configuration. I like how the vocals came up at the end.

So, how do you like it? If you have advices or opinions, feel free to write them down.

Cheers, Gašper