After 2 EP's this my bands first 'proper' recording (ie we didn't opt for lo-fi).


Best described as a far more bitter version of sunshine of your love, hopefully you'll enjoy it.

It's eventually going to be part of another EP (which we're still recording) so any and all comments and criticisms welcome!
Hi ! nice song. The song sounds 60s doom (especially the repeated hook, sounds Black Sabbath like, even vocals at some point). However, couldnot the guitar be more gritty, crunchy? sounds a bit tame, especially the palm mutes, and then natural harmonics?/again palm mute? (couldnot make it out). Both guitar and drums sound a bit rounded off. Weakest point are probably the vocals and the tone. However, the song structure sounds its has gone through some polishing, feels solid. However, i listened to the song On your own, beautiful ! stop. This song suits your musicality more!! reminds me of coldplay. The vibe of all your songs are very brit rock. Keep it up. Cheers.