Well, technically yesterday. Got both of these in the mail, and wanted to play around with them some before I started a thread.

First up is a Mayones Regius 7. I made a silly offer on this one and got it new for over $1300 off. Body is swamp ash with a maple top, neck is 11 pieces, with maple and some other fancy woods, topped with an ebony board. Pickups are both Dimarzio Air Nortons. Included strap locks, locking tuners, and the volume knob has teh coil tapz. The case is actually really nice too. Made in England by some limeys. The guitar is made in Poland though.

As for the review, the neck is fantastically awesome. The back of the guitar is satin, which makes it really slick to the touch. The shape is quite a bit rounder with less shoulder than your typical Ibanez neck, but still pretty thin. Fret access up to the 24th fret is great since there's no neck joint. Doesn't feel like cheap plastic like a Schecter. They took some cues on the abalone though, which looks surprisingly okay on this. The body is super light, and it's actually the lightest guitar I've owned, even lighter than my hollow Suhr T.

And I like how it plays a lot better than my old Suhr Modern 7 as well, which had the flat Ibanez type neck, which just isn't really comfortable on a 7, IMO. The Suhr was also all mahogany, which made it really dark sounding, no matter what pickups I put in. I always felt like I was fighting it to make it sound good. The Mayones is the opposite. Really balanced sounding. The Suhr also had a floating Floyd, which I hate on 7s since I like to change tunings so much. The Air Nortons are alright. I quite like the neck, if it is a tad darker than I'd like. The bridge is a bit thin sounding though, so it'll probably be the first thing to go.

One thing find cool about this is that Mayones uses metal inserts for all of the screws that would normally go straight into wood, which makes for a much more solid connection. Arby911 wondered why that wasn't more common, and so do I. It really does make for a much more premium feel, and everything is more solid than your average guitar. Fret work is also impeccable, and on par with my Suhrs.

My two complaints are that the Air Norton bridge isn't exactly to my liking, and that the set up out of the box was a bit disappointing. The bridge saddles were pretty much maxed in height, so the action was about 1.5mm higher than I like. Not a big deal, but a bit of a bummer that the guitar was otherwise flawless. I'm willing to give Mayones the benefit of the doubt and say that it's possible the dealer/distributor raised the saddle height though.

I already did a write up for this one, so I'll copy paste it. It's a Bogner prototype, and I didn't really expect to win it, but I wound up paying $900.02. Don't think I'll keep it, as I don't really have a need for it, especially since I already have a '92 100B as my main amp.

This was built for Matte Henderson in '91 as a studio amp. Matte had Reinhold build him two amps, a 100W that was essentially the prototype to the 100B in a Showman chassis (which has popped up a few times, selling for ~$4k) for live use, and this is the studio companion, at ~30W with a pair of push-pull EL34s. The donor amp was a Princeton Reverb (so the head is Mesa Mark series sized). Next to my 100B, the clean channel is similar, but has more gain. I'd say it's the 100B clean voicing, but with the 101B gain levels. And then the Vox switch removes the tone stack, giving it more gain, break up and mid range. Blackface mode is basically the preamp from an AB763 Twin/Super, and sounds fantastic. The tone stack for the clean channel is on the back of the amp.

The dirty channel is more like the blue channel on the 100B. Gain levels are about the same as a JCM800, but it's voiced more like a Bogner, with the softer treble and more low mids. It is a tad more open sounding in the high end than the 100B though, and a bit more Marshall-y. Way more open sounding than the blue channel on the 101B. Really dynamic and all that TGP stuff, but without the terrible Dumble voicing. This channel has a footswitchable gain boost.

Channels are also footswitchable. Excursion (resonance/depth) and presence controls on the back, along with a class A/AB switch. It's okay for 80s metal on its own, just like an 800. And like an 800, a boost will get you some metlulz, but not over the top modern gain that I like to have fun with. It is fun with the Mayones running through it though, and if you've got something that will boost your guitar's output more than an 808 clone (which is what I'm using), you'll be able to get a bit more gain out of it. It's also a really quiet amp; not a lot of hum compared to a few others I've had, and its even quieter than the 100B on the blue channel. I'm guessing Reinhold tweaked it since it was used for recording, and noise is bad there.

But yea, if you want an amp for anything but modern metal, hand built by Reinhold Bogner before he launched his own amp line (actually, I think he built the Fish in '89), it's pretty sick.
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no one wants to see you weak custom 7 string guitars and lame pre-production bogner amps matt.

that bogner is ugly but i still wantz it.
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bonus points for managing to diss TGP in the review as well
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bonus points for managing to diss TGP in the review as well

Methinks you guys crazy, that Purple/gold color scheme on the Bogner is hawt
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Methinks you guys crazy, that Purple/gold color scheme on the Bogner is hawt

i might like it more if i owned it.

i have plenty of ugly amps, i care more about what i sounds like.
punk isn't dead, it's always smelled that way.

"A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem."
Made in England by some limeys. The guitar is made in Poland though.

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Seriously though, that Mayones is ****ing awesome.

The Bogner is ****ing awesome for the story behind it, but other than that meh. Still though, what it is is ****ing cool.

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holy crap this is an old thread.

congrats! ! mmolteratx
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holy crap this is an old thread.  

congrats! ! mmolteratx

Does he even remember he owned it at this point?
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