So, I ordered the Matt Heafy Signature 7-string Les Paul. Can anyone recommend any songs I should learn on a 7-string? Been playing for about 7 years and this is my first 7 string guitar. Could anyone recommend some songs I could learn on this new axe? Obviously, I love Trivium, but I also listen to the likes of Periphery, Born Of Osiris, to be honest I listen to all sorts of music, so even if there are any 7 string songs that aren't metal, that would help me get used to this extra string, something that will help me develop my technique? Any help would be much appreciated.
Couple of artists come to mind:

Trivium is the obvious choice. Their whole Shogun album is a love letter to seven string guitars and is a great starting place.

Scale the Summit regularly use 7 strings. They're really technical, so I'd only tackle one or two songs of theirs at a time.

Tony Macalpine is a shred guitarist with some sick classical and jazz influence. Again, he's really technical, but the satisfaction of nailing some of those solo lines makes all that practice worth it.
Scar Symmetry - The Anomaly, The Ghost Prototypes, Holographic Universe, A Parenthesis in Eternity, Trapezoid...
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There's a thread dedicated to suggesting songs for people in MT. You'll get more/better responses there.
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Jeff loomis is great for learning cool 7 string stuff, check out the song jato unit. I would reccomend some of obscura's new songs, check out the song Vortex Omnivium. Have fun shredding and riffing away.
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Take a look at Nevermore, Tesseract, Periphery, Dream Theater, Unearth, Trivium and Epica. Some Animals as Leaders stuff is playable on a 7 too.
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If you like learning 7 string stuff you have to check out Endeavour. Prog metal band from the UK, just released their debut record 'From The Darkest Grounds'.

You should learn this track, 'Drowning Memory' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jbofnj2UxQY


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