I have a Mad Professor Sweet Honey OD and love it for the lead tone. As it is somewhat on the thin side though (especially for rhythm) I use it in conjunction with another. I have a Tubescreamer although paradoxically I don't really care for that as the thin, nasal, trebly Stevie Ray Vaughan type tone is not my cup of tea. What I like about the SHOD is that it can sing and howl and remain smooth, and I use the Tubescreamer to give it a bit more middle. The problem is that the TS robs it completely of the dynamics that SHOD is great at, and the different articulation you can get depending on the amount of attack is all gone. I would like a fuller sound, but retain the good parts of the SHOD sound. I have read the Little Green Wonder is a good companion, but from what I have heard on Youtube it seems very similar to the SHOD, but with possibly less treble, and I would like to boost the lower frequencies (which SHOD is less good at). If I can do that with a LGW, then that is all fine and good but I thought I would ask.

My amps are a Fender Blues Junior and a JCM 900 (not working at the moment, so I am entirely dependent on the former). Ideally I would like a range of heaviness and fullness of sounds going from low frequency prominent 1972 era Tony Iommi to mid 70s Rory Gallagher (which SHOD can probably handle on its own with a single coil guitar). It could be that I am asking too much, but I am asking anyway. Of all the 70s tubey sounding pedals I was not very impressed with any from what I heard on Youtube save the LGW and the Green Rhino (the latter was OK but I am uncertain it will retain the dynamism of the SHOD if used with it), but such a limited sample of internet videos is not enough to base a judgement upon.

I'd be much obliged if someone who has experience of using the Sweet Honey in combination with other overdrives can advise on this. I have already tried it with Boss OD2 which was horrible - muffled and compressed. I own a ProCo Rat 2 and a Big Muff as well, but I'd be surprised if either of these worked well as they are designed with a completely different end user in mind.

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