Alright so I just played a gig about a week ago and my amp was working fine , I just bought a bugera 333xl infinium not that long ago ( about a month or so) , and I just got my stuff home I plugged it in and its sounds all farty and it distorts instantly , the volume jumps and its all over the place, I tried different chords and guitars I tried it with no petals and it still sounds like this please help im new to tube amps so any help would be much appreciated
Sounds like a tube problem but these amps are kind of sketchy anyway so it could be anything. I'd start by making sure all the tubes are seated (pushed down) real good and maybe rotate some of them around and note any changes. If nothing changes and it is still messed up then I would take it to a reputable amp tech. I am assuming you bought it used?

v....Yeah. Get some new power tubes before taking it to a tech. That is what I meant to throw in. The tubes Bugera uses are crap.
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Sounds like a power tube has gone. You'll need to replace them if it has.

Is it a 2 channel amp? Does it happen on all channels ?
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It might be the power tubes. When my peavey jsx power tubes were giving out my amp sounded all farty and the clean channel was distorted. I put some fresh Mesa 6l6s and problem solved. If you have Active pickups you might want to check your battery.
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Mesa tubes are relables. Just go JJ.
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