For about a year or so now, maybe a little longer, I have been lusting after a Peavey Delta Blues amp. Upon further researching between the 115 and the 210, I have come to learn that the 115 has a low-end sound to it due to the 15 incher. I have played it quite regularly at the store, (with a TS-9 as a pedal) and loved it. I also used a Omni-Sonic Volume Control Box, so I could crank the tubes without having to turn it up very loud.

Again, it sounded immaculate. The store sold the amp before I could put my mark on it, and I was left out in the shade. Instead, they had a Peavey Classic 30, so I thought I'd test that one out. I liked how that one sounded as well. Bear in mind I'm using a TS-9 on that one for some extra spice to boot.

The flavor of blues that I'm into is in the realm of Buddy Guy, the late great Gary Moore, and the late great Michael "Iron Man" Burks.

So after much consideration and thought, I have come to the utmost conclusion that I will be getting a Delta Blues amp soon. Probably the 115. This will probably be the last amp that I acquire, so I'm wanting to make sure I get one that will suit my style of playing, style of tone, and my influences. Any DB owners on this forum let me know your experience with them. Thanks in advance.
I owned one for a while (the 115) and it was good amp. Never gave me any problems at all. Heavy as an SOB though...
G.A.S. Afflicted
I had a Delta Blues for a little over 3 years before I had to sell it to pay some bills after medical problems. I absolutely loved the amp, it had very nice cleans, and pretty good overdrive as well.

For me the typical set up was a telecaster in the middle or neck position, clean channel and just a hint of reverb. The amp was awesome. Study, and heavy as whale.

One thing to watch out for is if it has the tube cage or not. Some of the early models didn't have this so you had to be extremely careful when moving the amp. You still have to be cautious when you have the tube cage in place, but I used to remove ALL of the tubes from the amp just to move it from a bedroom to the garage.