Dog made the guitar fall to the floor, and I noticed that the switch fell inside the guitar. I opened it up, and there were all these parts in there that fall apart. Not pictured is a single pole with a pink cap on the end of it... I tried to get it, but it fell into the body of the guitar, and I shook my ass off for 2 hours trying to get it back out... Any idea how to fix this? Please?

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Should be able to buy another switch that fits, just make sure it's the same type of switch and fits (length and width)
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Any SPST Toggle switch will work, you just need to find something to physically fit in the hole in the back of the guitar.

I actually took the killswitch out of my Les Paul BFG because you can create the same effect by turning the volume on the neck all the way off then switching between the pickups. I also went back to the standard Les Paul layout (2Vol and 2Tone) with 50's style wiring.
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