I am in search for a worthy sevenstring. I've been playing with a friend's no-name chinese and realised that I want to invest into a quality seven stringed guitar. Regrettably, the used market is kind of starved on sevens...so I am forced to go for a new one...

My budget is around 1200euros (but if I can get something nice with less it would be nice)

What I want:

Maple fretboard
24 frets
Satin finished neck (not really a biggie)
H-H or H-S
Passive PUs
I am not really certain if I want a Floyd or not. I know how to setup one, but I've only heard ambiguous and opinionated stuff about the FR-1000 in my price range. The guitar will most probably be tuned in drop-A

Guitars I've noticed:
The whole Diamond Loomis series by Schecter (don't really like the EMGs in them)
LTD BUZ-7 (again actives)
LTD BS-7 (this looks very promising)

I also checked warmoth. Will it be worth it if I order everything except PUs from them and have a bare bone instrument albeit at my specifications? Fooling around with the builder software I reached around 850$.

Feel free to suggest
Carvin DC700 ordered through somebody you know and trust in the USA.

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Carvin DC700 ordered through somebody you know and trust in the USA.

Totally agree with him
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I suggest that you don't go with a FR. If it's your only 7 string, you'll probably want to change the tuning time to time, which means setting it up all over again.
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Sterling musicman JP70 for 899€ !
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if you like what you see and feel with the LTDs there is always the AW-7 which is fixed bridge, comes in a badass color, has Dimarzio D-Activator (passive) pickups, is not one of those obvious signature models and is 977 euros from Thomann

If not then you could look into a DC700 by Carvin as Tom 1.0 but you will be flying blind as far as feel goes as well, you cant try them out.

Also Ibanez's Premium series is nice if you dig the ibanez feel plus they have a fixed bridge model this year.

oh and the loomis is a nice guitar but i would steer away from a floyd.

Thats my 2 cents.

Edit: those siggerys look pretty damn nice
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Just bought a used Loomis VRS FR for 400€! The guitar is in mint condition! Dude selling it said he couldn't play in a non-wizard neck, though I suspect the floyd disagreed with him (spent 2 hours setting up ) I did the 18v mod on the 707s which helped a bit (and I can always change the pups later if I can't settle down with the EMGs)

Question: 3 or 4 springs for a seven string floyd? Now it has 4 and it feels a little stiff, although I suppose I ll get used to it...