anybody know of the english band autoheart?
their songs are so cool :3
only, i haven't found any guitar tabs for them and i really want to know how to play their songs, particularly MOSCOW.
watch their video on youtube it's so cute hehe
can anyone help me find tabs for the song?
or can anyone do the tabs/chords for it? please?

also, i've seen a lot of the 1975 tabs in here
but there's none for SETTLE DOWN
my friends and i love it!
can anyone do it also?

thanks guys!
The only chords to MOSCOW are
Am F C Em in fact at the one part I believe the chorus that is the exact order they are played.. The rest of the song is mainly C and F.... Played as barred chords... Thisis the entire song...
Hope this helps... It definitely should...

The other song SETTLE DOWN I can not find on you tube to do for you...aorry