I apologize if this isn't the proper subforum for this. I wasn't quite sure where this belonged.

So I've been learning how to play the song Black Hearted Woman by The Allman Brothers Band. However, near the beginning, the second fill has this lick:


It's a simple lick, but I can't seem to play the latter half fast and clean like it is on the record. Does anybody have any fingerings they use for licks like this? What I've been doing is playing the 13 with my index, lift off, middle finger on 14, lift off (sometimes I leave it down), ring finger on 15 (which I find I hit and come off of too fast, producing a quickly cut-off note) and then back to the middle finger on 14.

This aforementioned part is a problem area, but the real problem I have is playing that hammer-on and arpeggio without having all the notes ring out together. I usually try to play this by quickly putting my finger on 13 and hammering on the 14 with my middle finger, also placing it over the notes for the arpeggio. But, as I said, when I play it the notes all ring out together.

Does anybody have a better fingering for this? I would love to move on with the rest of the song, but I love this lick and not being able to play it properly is killing me.
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