It starts weak but it grows to something good. The solo is very nice but you repeat a bit too much your main riff for a progressive song. Anyway it was good!
I liked basically all the riffs but the structure could worked, maybe the drums specifically. Constantly intense almost.
I liked basically all the riffs but the structure could worked

This. Good riffs, but they are repeated too often. And the drums are weird.
this definitely sounds cool, but i agree with craziork; it is pretty repetitive. otherwise, i really dont have much to complain about. i liked the bass a lot
Noted about the repetition. I noticed that myself but I liked it sort of. And yeah the drums are intense like the whole time because I felt like the guitar was really melody focused so I wanted the drums and bass to drive the song. Thanks for listening.
I felt like that main riff should have been played once, it ended perfectly with bar 8, and from there everything should have kicked in but it should have been a different riff. Or, just delete the first 9 bars, then change the riff at 18. At 61 is the first time it should repeat again. It's a great riff don't get me wrong, but progressive songs are almost never driven with one riff.

the bass at 93 is really good.