Hey everybody can you please help my dad out by watching his and my uncles music video. It's professionally made and they put alot of work into it. They're trying to fulfill their dream of becoming a noticed rock band so lets give them some support! All you have to do is watch the music video from this link. They really are good at what they do and I believe in them that if they are noticed they will indeed hit it big!
Click this link below and watch the video to help them earn a point! It may not seem like much, But you will be making a huge impact!
Get Out Of The Garage Contest - Tyson
getoutofthegarage . revimage . com / channels / Tyson

Why can't I post links?

Thank you, Here's a cookie!
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wheres the video, it didn't come up. maybe put it on youtube, i really wanna help you guys out.
-Let the led out-
That's actually really good - exactly the sort of country I like

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cool tune. i like the riff.. good move on the backup choir vocal girls.. they're the hook of the video
no to mention that's the first country rock song i've heard about hookers.. lol.. we usually leave that up to rappers so that's fun