Happy New Pedals Day to me!

Pedal the First - TC Electronics Ditto Looper

First saw this pedal on Proguitarshop.com's Youtube Page. Loved the simplicity then, and it doesn't disappoint in person. True bypass and good audio quality during playback. I was worried that there is only one button for recording and playback, and I was even more worried when the guy at the shop told me that tons of people had returned the pedal because they couldn't work it. But he did qualify that by saying that many of them had not read the super simple instructions that come with it. Youtube and/or the online TC manual fills you in on the rest. It really is easy to use, but it takes some getting used to. As a first time loop user, it takes a bit of practice to get it to play back in time correctly, but already I see this being crucial for me improving my timing as well as my improvisation.

It does lack features that other loopers have, ie... storage and drumbeats, but you get what you pay. Mine was $130 CDN from Long and Mcquade. I recommend to anyone.

Next to a normal sized pedal for reference.

Pedal the Second - Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini

See the theme? Just like the Ditto, this pedal is tiny! I am also a new fuzz user, so I struggled with choosing one. For whatever reason I had limited access to varying pedals, and the only one in my price range was the FFM3. Lucky for me, I was looking mostly at the three Mini Fuzz Faces, but couldn't decide which. I originally wanted the blue silicon one, but settled for the Hendrix version because I heard it was somewhere tonally between the red and blue versions, and I figured that was a good place to start.

Despite settling for something I was unfamiliar with, I like it. Hits Jimi's tones perfectly. It isn't muddy, it is smooth, and it has most of the other qualities I've wanted in a fuzz. It isn't super gainy either, which I wanted. And it is true bypass, which is huge for my rig.

As with any fuzz (so I've heard), it sounds best when played with a bit of grit or OD. Weirdest part, however, is that when I use it with my Strat's neck pickup and play on the low strings it has a somewhat Octave Fuzz quality to it. Switch to my bridge humbucker and that is gone. Totally unexpected.

Overall, I like it, but see myself buying other fuzz pedals at some point. I don't see how anyone could be satisfied with just one such sound.

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I own the ditto looper too. I love it. I've had it for a while so if you have any questions hit me up!

I also can't believe how small that fuzz is!
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