Hey everyone, I usually never have an issue figuring out what guitar what is.. but this is seemingly impossible for me to find out on my own without some experiences eyes looking at it.

My neighbor has a guitar from his father-in-law , and he asked for me to change the strings on it.. as well as teach him stuff.. so I did and I went to change the strings today and I was like o_O??

I never have seen a guitar like this to string before.. it was very strange restringing it. I had to thread it through those bottom metal bars, then through the bridge which were like slightly rounded metal things and I had to bring each string through it.

Then it had these things on the headstock which u needed to thread the string under, then put into the tuning pegs. It was unlike anythign I have ever needed to string before, though it wasn't hard, it was strange.

Here is the guitar:
http://img.photobucket. com/albums/v730/Soulblighter/ResizedImage_1381027472429_zpsf62f5d59.jpg

http://img.photobucket. com/albums/v730/Soulblighter/ResizedImage_1381027472843_zps1ae0f565.jpg


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As you can see, the acoustic hole or whatever it is called, is an odd shape that I have rarely ever seen.

It has those metal bars at the base of the guitar, it has a strange bridge, the tuning pegs/tuners are very old/classic looking and the back of the headstock says Then it says , I BELIEVE, IND. ARGENTINA "Jakmin" M.R.

So I would love to know what guitar this is. I was VERY surprised at how great of a sound it had when I finished putting new strings on. It sounds amazing and the action was good as well
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