Hello Forum,
I'm a big fan of playing blues with changes that spice it up a bit. Stormy Monday and songs like that. Thing is, these more interesting changes seem limited to the slow blues. Maybe you can find some jazzier song like "i don't need no doctor" with fun chords, but that's about it.

Any of you guys have any ideas? Something that makes the crowd dance - but not slow dance?

thanks in advance!
Almost any of Stevie Ray Vaughan's stuff. Check out House is a Rockin for a fun, albeit pretty simple song; and also listen to Pride and Joy and Rude Mood. Rude Mood is really unique, a four minute instrumental at close to 200 bpm that features a lot of funky, catchy licks.
Doing some thread necromancy here to see if I get more answers the other time around. An example of the type of songs I'm looking for is The Stumble (which is an instrumental). And "non-standard changes" is more important than "faster" as long as it's not a 12/8 slow blues.

Or maybe I should do Stormy Monday (Allman bros. version) but at 130bpm 4/4?