Hey guys! Today I recorded an instrumental cover of Journey's great song "Lights" in the style of Andy Timmons. I would love to do some C4C and I would love to hear what you guys think! (except for the organ sound )

Thanks for watching!

Dang man that was good! In the beginning I could've been convinced I was listening to the studio version haha. That tone is incredible and beautiful guitar too!

I find that its sometimes difficult to maintain an interesting variety of licks when playing the vocal melody but you pulled it off really well!

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1621165

btw the organ sounded fine lol
Oh hey, I didn't see you there
Odensson95 - Thanks man! You can never have too much Journey!

Crazycory94 - Thank you so much man! I'm going straight into Pod Farm 2 and I am using a patch that I created to try to mimic Andy Timmons' tone so i'm glad you liked it! Thanks for your support about the organ too, im still not sold . Thanks again!
Very good work! Nicely done, you should put out some more songs here
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Thanks wyldelife and pattieolson!

Feel free to go to my reverbnation and soundcloud pages in my signature for free downloads of all my music and I will definitely keep posting updates, stay tuned and thank you for watching!