Hey there I just got back from the store and I was guitar shopping as I have recently gotten back into playing. Is there a tube combo in a budget of say $650ish that would give me a good tone for playing songs along the lines of kings of leon, foo fighters etc? My guitar right now is a fender james burton standard tele.

I was thinking the Vox Ac15C1?


I know these are not as good as the hand wired ones etc...do you think this would be a good start to get the tones I am looking for and then I can add pedals etc?

Thanks guys

Have a look at this, the second post in particular- https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1588141

And, hand wired amps don't really sound as much better as most people think even if they cost like they did.
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Ok like I said then I am using a james burton standard tele, mainly want the amp for home use (maybe gig down the road), looking for a amp with tonal capabilities ranging from indie to rock for bands like KOL, Foo Fighters etc. Budget of about $650-700 max if I can find an amp for less great of course. Definitely want a combo I amp not interested in a half stack etc.

Hope that lists enough of the info needed. Thank you