I firstly want to say, I didn't put this in the Facebook like exchange because I don't want likes that are just traded, I want all our likes to be people that actually enjoy our music, not just because we're trading likes.

Ok, basically our name is Calamity Matrix, we're, I guess working on our debut album, I mean we had one already but it was with a different singer/songwriter, the production was kind of bad, and we sound completely different so we decided to break away from it. Plus we had a different name. Our genres consist of Progressive Metal, Death Metal qualities, and just straight up Heavy Metal. We have 5 members, we have 2 bassists. (Yes I know, who has 2 bassists? Well, it actually sounds pretty good, its kind of a lead bass and rhythm bass sort of thing, just like guitar.) We have played many shows, once even at Congress Theater, we're from Oak Forest Illinois mainly. We have our shows recorded and on are on the page so that's how you can hear how we sound. Our influences consist of many different bands and artists, such as Rush, Trivium, Dream Theater, Buckethead, Opeth, Mastodon, Between the Buried and Me, and so on. And I don't know what else to say, I mean that's all the basic info, you can know more at our Facebook page in the about section. And I'm also looking to get to know some local bands so if you're around the Chicago area and have similar styles then Ill definitely check you out. Sorry for the huge paragraph but I take this pretty seriously.

Well, it appears I cant put the link here, well just look up Calamity Matrix on Facebook and you'll see it there, Google works too actually. Once again so I dont get into trouble for this, I want actual fans not just likes.
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