Here's my latest experiment with drums. I used Superior Drummer with Metal Foundry for the kit, Waves SSL GChannel for compressor/gate/EQ, and Waves TrueVerb for the snares.

I need some feedback. The kicks sounds a bit off to me when I solo it, but no problem when it's in the whole mix. Some people felt the cymbals with a bit too much treble, maybe because they used laptop speakers.
Honestly, it's really hard to tell without it being in a mix, but in general, I really dislike that snare. Super thin and it's horribly evident that it's been programmed. Honestly, all of this sounds really robotic, I think you'd have much better results if you focused on humanizing the tracks, rather than on mixing them at this point.
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Another thing to keep in mind is velocities. Most drum samplers sound best when they're played loud. Personally, I set everything to max velocity and reduce and adjust from there. A real metal drummer plays HARD.