Hey, I have a simple question about Ug's copyright rules. The site states multiple times that it allows no copyrighted material to be posted to an individual's mp3 section of their profile. Does this include materiel that I own the copyright to? I couldn't find an answer anywhere on the forums, and this seemed like the only place to really post the question. If I overlooked the proper forum I apologize.

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I think the only reason it says no copyright is so U.G doesn't have to deal with lawsuits for copyright infringement. If you own the copyright to the material in question and are not planning to complain about it being uploaded to U.G then I can't see any problem.
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Yeah that sounds about right.
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The upload page defines it:
What is copyrighted music?

Music from signed artists (Everything you hear on the radio!)
Music that was copied off official CDs or bought digitally (You are not allowed to distribute MP3s even if it's from your own digital collection)

If it isn't one of those, it's safe to say you aren't breaking UG's rules.
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