I'd like to have people's opinion / advice on this. What's the main difference between the road worn models and the Roadhouse? The pickups are different and the finish too, what else? I guess it'd be closer to the 50s model? Why are the road worn models the most expensive of the two?

Thanks for the input...
Nevermind - both are MIM...
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Most of the differences are listed in the specs you can easily find on Fender's page. The Roadworns are a bit more expensive because they have a nitro finish and some distressing, and generally a bit higher build quality overall, at least in my experience. They were designed at the custom shop and are meant to be a sort of Mexican-built version of one of the really nice CS strats you'd pay $3-4K for. The Deluxe Roadhouse was designed to be more of a hotrodded MIM guitar. So one's reaching up from the MIM strat and one's reaching down from the Custom shop, not that it necessarily means one is better, but that's the philosophy behind the pricing and what goes into each one.

The simple answer is to try both if you can. Within this price range, the quality is generally decent and it will often come down to which model and individual guitar works out for you.