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What's you're rig set-up when your trying to come up with a new riff/lick etc...How are you doing it? Are you playing out from your amp, or playing in to an am modeler? Etc. Just trying to get a feel for what the most popular, and easiest way is.

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Quote by Cavalcade
Guitar -> Pod HD -> Audacity via USB out.

Serious recording:
Guitar -> Pod HD -> FL Studio via USB out.

Beyond that, it's just a matter of finding a preset you like, and tweaking it until it sounds good with a minimum of post EQ.

Thanks Bud! Anyone else able to share?
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Guitar > DI > Seventh Circle Audio A12b > SSL Alpha Link AX > RME HDSP 9652 > Computer running amp sim.

Then once I'm done, I send it back out via SPDIF to my Kemper or out through my reamp box and into one of my amps, throw a Mic on it and hit record.

Bass goes through the DI input of my Focusrite ISA 428 MKI pres, or into my Peavey VMP-2, then I process in the DAW. If I'm not feeling lazy, I'll reamp a dirty track through my Sansamp RBI .
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Playing in room > voice record app on iPhone. If the purpose is just to not forget your ideas, I want the quickest, most idiot-proof way of doing it. When I want high quality, I'll record it properly.

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Marshall AVT50 w/ Pedal board ---> SM58 ---> Allen&Heath ZED-10 ---> Laptop (Ableton Live 8)

Sometimes I skip the SM58 and go direct into the ZED-10.
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My recording set up is...I take my Samick SGA-30 amp. Plug my Epiphone Les Paul Special II into that. Turn the amp up a bit. Use the microphone on my laptop through Audacity... -_- I suck.
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Guitar> POD XT > Logic 9>Monitor out of some KRK Rokit 5s. A lot of guitar based stuff I write will go into guitar pro 5 at some point too
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I just write it down in reg sheet music .I like chords writing songs not riffs
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I use my standard guitar setup (see sig), mic my amp usually with my SM58 and use a Tascam 2488 MkII as my DAW.
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When I'm coming up with an idea I'm usually just messing about and then write it down in tab and/or standard notation. As far as my recording setup goes it's a Digitech BP355 on a clean setting and into an amp sim, and a Behringer C1-u for microphone needs.
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I use a di box to split my signal. Recording my guitar direct to an interface on one side, whilst going through my pedal board into my amp (which is quite often mic'ed up with an sm57) with the other.

This gives me the option of using vst effects and amp sims, or reamping through any of my effects and amps, or a combination of the two.

I usually record with the aim of not needing to reamp or anything, but I like having the option.
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I really appreciate everyone posting their rigs. This is going to help me out a ton!
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When recording my ideas I use my PC, Reason 7, my Line 6 UX2 with Pod Farm 2.5 and an Ibanez Iceman guitar.

I also have a Marshall AVT 150 and a POD HD500 but I don't use them much due to my bedroom being too full of clutter :S
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Jamming: Ditto Looper
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