Budget: £750max
Location: Leeds, UK
Style: Versatile. Need cleans up to hard rock (e.g Hawk Eyes/PABH/Blacklisters etc)
Power: at least 50w (need to play live anywhere from 20 - 250 people)
Guitar(s): Gibson SG spesh, Squier Strat
Pedals: Dr Scientist: The Elements
New/used: dont mind

Also: ideally would like something that can switch to be used at bedroom levels as I cant afford two amps and would have to sell my current amp (Blackstar HT5) to fund a new one

Dont mind if its a combo or half stack
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Peavey Vypyr tube 60?
Ampeg gvt52-112/212 with an overdrive?
AC30, even if it's only 30w?
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Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister are pretty good. Nice versatile tone, and the 36 Watt model has four different power output options - 1, 5, 18 and 36 Watts. Even has a built in cab sim for recording at home, or DI-ing on stage.

Have a look on Youtube for it. I've done a full demo / review, yet can't post the link here.