hi all,
first off - sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum. couldn't think of anywhere it really neatly fit, so figured maybe this was safest (if 'safe' could ever be accurately used to describe the pit).

basically, i was having a few drinks with my manager on friday and she said that she had been giving guitar a go - had learned a few chords apparently so knows the very basis but has said she is a bit slow at the whole thing. i said i'd be happy to teach her, thought it'd be fun - so as of wednesday i'm supposed to be teaching her.

i mention that she's my manager mostly as an indicator of age - she's in her fifties i think so won't pick up quite as quickly as a child might - but that she also won't have so much difficulty necessarily with reaching all the strings with the left hand, that kind of thing.

i was wondering if anyone had any pointers on teaching guitar. i figure that the first month or two of lessons will be the pivotal ones really - if she can feel herself progressing at any decent rate in the beginning it should reinforce her interest + allow her to start learning by herself, too, but the first few lessons i'm a little worried about - getting her used to the idea of practicing.

i'm thinking of keeping the whole thing to maybe half an hour and working with a simple four chord progression - just strumming, that kind of thing. i want to avoid finger exercises or anything like that because, let's face it, they're f*cking boring.

any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Just teach her songs that she likes. If you can get a list from her there would be great, if there are some that are too hard then you can work towards them.

If you're thinking of doing anything other than some easy songs make sure that your advanced techniques and theory are advanced, otherwise you shouldn't be teaching as you'll just be teaching a load of people shitty technique and incorrect theory.

If in doubt post a video of you playing something you think advanced for your level that you can also play well so that we can give you an honest critique.
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Teach her how to finger A minor
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TS is gonna get raped by a 50+ woman on the first lesson

Teach her how to finger A minor

pretty relieved to even manage one or two genuine replies before the pitmonkeys arrived... we got the A minor comment but somehow nobody went for the G string.

it won't be anything advanced she'd be learning or even interested in learning - chords, maybe a little fingerpicking eventually and some runs and things like that to link between chords, that kind of thing. nothing of the sort that requires basement dwelling and greasy black hair to play.
I'd always go with teaching some songs that she likes first and then looking at how to get her to correct mistakes by playing slow, understanding appropriate strumming patterns, using a metronome etc. Simple stuff.

If you're happy with teaching that, carry on my wayward son.