Just a general question. I bought a 5-guitar rack and keep my american strat, mexican tele, and taylor 314 on there. i live on long island so the weather varies broadly by season. should the guitars be okay like this? when i first got the strat i was told to keep it in the case and did so, but i got tired of opening it and putting it away etc. i wanted to keep it at arm's length! i love the functionality of the rack and it looks really great but i don't want to damage my guitars. should this be okay?
yeah, that's fine as long as it doesn't start snowing inside or something. i think some people recommend keeping guitars in hard cases because they're better protected and less prone to being knocked over and such. But it's such a mission getting 'em in and out!
keeping your guitars on a stand will just get them dustier quicker
Cases are always optimal if only to prevent your guitars from getting dusty. Dust in pickups is hard to get out. Otherwise I see no problem in using a stand. As for the weather, your guitars will be fine.
I find a guitar in a case or gig bag is going to get used less. That's fine for expensive instruments, but I want my favorite player out where I can grab it when the mood strikes.
I keep some on stands, some on the walls, and some in cases.
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Depends on how dry the air is. If you're using the furnace, you'll want to at least put that acoustic in the case when not playing, and probably throw a guitar humidifier in it from time to time.

Some electrics aren't affected as much by humidity changes as others. If you notice the fretboard drying out or neck doing subtle warping things, consider the case more.
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