Hi all at the min I have a Turner jumbo acoustic which sounds and plays great, however I have seen a very nice Fender Gemini II in a local pawn shop for £60 it is in near mint condition, is it worth it? I know these were made sometime between 83-87 and were not the most expensive of Fenders but little else. Any advice would be appreciated.


that's about $100 bucks US. if i remember correctly, that's what they sold for new back in the day. for $199 US, you can get 10 times the guitar in a Yamaha FG700S.
i actually played a Gemini II about a month ago at a girls house barbeque. it was a black one and it sounded like plywood covered in lacquer. no decent tone or sustain( i'm a bit biased as i have some upper end stuff...though i lack the talent to effectively utilize said equipment properly)
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)