I swear I have heard this on the radio or something. It might be a vocal melody or a guitar bit as I have it tabbed out.
What Song.gp5
Goddamn. Can you think of any lyrics? Even a couple words? Driving me nuts.
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....i.... um.....

what kinda station did you hear it on? do you know?

Just in passing at a restaurant, it was incredibly muffled which is why im not sure whether it was vocals or guitar or both. And it is most likely in a different key. I think they normally play some older rock stations but that is anybody's guess.
In case anybody thinks those last two posts solved this, they were breaking bad jokes.

I will bake cookies for whoever can find the song.
Doesn't sound like anything I've heard before.

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It unbearably reminds me of some RHCP stuff. I can't remember the song tho.
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The image in my head is just too funny for words at this point

Aw yeah.
****, I don't have guitar pro. Vocaroo that shit.