https://soundcloud.com/ryanantlitzmusic/antlitz-bass-demo That's the link to the demo I made. I picked an all time classic of course. The download link is in the description of the demo. Tell me any and every criticism please. Here's the info (also included in the ZIP file):

Done with my Schecter Studio six Bass. As DI as DI goes basically, done into a Focusrite Sapphire 6 USB interface, gain
at noon. All the nobs on the bass at noon. Done with the neck pickup, and these are raw DI Samples so you can run them through Podfarm or Guitar Rig or whatever you'd like. The WAV files are also included in case you aren't using Kontakt they go in order except "Pick Bass" goes first, and then the numerical order starts. 4 Velocity layers for now, I'll do 8 if these samples go over well. Ill also add slap and finger bass. -Ryan Antlitz