I'm more I to the acoustic, incubus type style. Which brand of picks should I use? V-picks sound nice, dun lops sound okay, and gravity picks seem cool. I'm kinda stuck on v-picks, but I needs some opinions.
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Picks r picks


I played with picks cut out of plastic canisters when I lost all my regular pick on Sunday. If you can't play with dunlop pick, you won't be able to play with gravity either.
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Use the ones that sound and feel good to you. We can't help you form a preference.
V-Pick diamond is really warm sounding, screamer is much more bright sounding. I love them for shredding, but they're not ultimate acoustic picks. Dunlop's Jazz III are fast and much brighter that V-Picks, since they're on normal thickness (V-Pick diamond is 4mm). If you want thin but warm take Jazztones. Also, stubbys are pretty good bright choice, gathor is another warm choice. When I was choosing my pick, i literary went to every store locally and bought quite a lot of them.
I have a really hard time believing any of that V-Pick hype.
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I have a really hard time believing any of that V-Pick hype.

Try some.
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Picks r picks

Yup, pretty much.

There is a lot that comes down to personal preference, also. For example: I don't like playing fast alternate picking with a thin pick, because it feels like it's squirming around in my hand...although it's definitely still possible to do.

I think that, there are only a few factors that influence how a pick behaves; thickness, stiffness, and shape (pointiness) being the main three. In my opinion, if a pick is too rounded, or too thick, it's kinda difficult to work with...but then if it's too floppy, I don't like it either.

With a thinner pick (I prefer to say "flexible" because thin picks can be stiff, too- depending on material), you'll get more of a "clicky" pick attack, which can be good for strumming, but a bit annoying for single note stuff.

However, if your pick is too stiff, it can catch on the strings, which is bad for both single note lines and strumming (especially if you want to dig in a bit more than you probably need to!).

Yeah, but at the end of the day, picks are picks, and it's up to you to do the research yourself (by trial and error) to find your own preference.