So, I got an old Yamaha FG-335 at the pawn shop a few weeks ago. I was changing strings, and the original saddle broke. It was plastic...so I put in a bone saddle I had laying around. Everything's all fine and dandy, except the high E string. It sounds weird. A LOT of sustain is gone, and it sounds different when the string is picked, even when muted. It has sort of a dobro-ish sound. The string doesn't sit in a slot, a deep one at least, so it probably moves a bit. Would that be the cause though? I know it isn't the actual string, because I tried 3 high Es...
So, I made the High E's slot bigger, but still, it has that same sound...I have a visual impairment, so measuring the saddle is hard. Would a Taylor or Martin saddle fit in this Yamaha?
I e-mailed him...He wanted the old saddle sent to him, but I only have part of the saddle, and I doubt that would help...What do I do now? Do the newer Yamahas like the F-335 have the same saddle as the old FG-335?
well then, your stuck getting a blank saddle at StewMac. the blanks are easy to find, even your local music shop should have one. might even have a spare around to throw in.
only issue with blanks is that you have to adjust the action yourself. lotsa hand sanding and trial and error until you get it the right height...which actually isn't that difficult, just time consuming. if you go that route, lemme know and we will be happy to walk you thru it. i would try Ye Locale Music Shoppe first though.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Also check to see whether the saddle is compensated where the B string sits. Cheers
Here: http://www.graphtech.com/products/brands/tusq/tusq-acoustic-saddles All you ever wanted to know about saddles@ graphtech.com

Most compensated saddles can be replaced with a Taylor style 1/8" replacement. But, like the carpenters say, "measure twice, order (cut) once".

My two Ibanez have 1/8' Taylor style. My Fender a 3/32" uncompensated.

When you come down to it, Yamaha may list these parts on their site. Have you tried that yet?
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