Hello all, I'm currently doing all of my recording on Live Lite 7. I would love to upgrade to Live 9 (Lite edition, since with Live 9 it allows unlimited audio effects and racks, whereas Lite 7 only allows 4 per project.)

I have a very simple question, any of you that have Live 9, does it have the same reverbs from 7? The one I specifically want is "Large Space Chorus", as It plays a large role in most of my music. Does live 9 have that particular reverb?

Any help is great and much appreciated.
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Last time i checked everything was still there, i moved on to Studio One recently though.
Just download the Lite from their Site and check it out yourself.
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Don't really know if the engine is the same (most likely not if you ask me).

There is a preset called Large Space Chorus though.

To check if that's what you want why don't you just download the trial version?
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Yeah that's the preset, thanks for the answers, I'll get 9 today.
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