Hey guys,

What I have in mind is adding a maple veneer that I will stain to the basswood body of my Ibanez GRG 270. I'm planning to put everything new in it, meaning pickups, electronics, bridge, tuners. I already have everything, so what I'm wondering is this:

How do I go about staining the veneer? I've already got experience on painting guitars from a couple of paint jobs I've done, but I know staining is a complete different thing. Also, would a headstock decal stick to the stained wood or would I have to at least add a coat of clear coat?

I'll make a thread documenting the process when get it started.

Thanks in advance
A decal will stick to anything that isn't oily, but you'll want to lay down one or two clear coats to allow the decal to smoothly blend in when you apply the clear top coats. You can stain the veneer before you even put it on. The hard part is going to be stripping the finish from that basswood body down to bare wood, in order to get good wood-to-wood contact, which you'll need to keep from deadening the resonance of the body. Just wipe the stain on- it's a cinch. Wait a bit, then wipe it off. If it isn't dark enough or deep enough, wipe some more on. Repeat until you're satisfied, and slap several coats of clear on top. Behlen stringed instrument lacquer is available in a spray can, and it's awesome. Make sure and show us the results!
Thanks, man. That really helped. I already sanded down the guitar to the wood, so there's no problem there.

One more question: What kind of paint do I use for staining? (Completely missed that one on the original post)
If you're using a maple veneer, I'd stick with a maple stain. Or at least something lighter, to show off the grain. You could use an ebony stain if you wanted to, though. Keep in mind that stain is not paint. It's transparent. On my guitars, I use Minwax or Cabot brand stain, but there are several brands to choose from. Check out the "finishing supplies" section at stewmac.com. There's also a lot of useful info in their "trade secrets" section, which you can find on the left side of the main page. You won't need much. A little bit of stain goes a long way. Your local hardware store probably has a display that shows what different stains look like on different woods, too.
Keep in mind that those stain color samples in the store were gotten with two applications of stain. I think it says (or said) so on the Minwax cans. One coat won't give you the color on the sample; two will. Also, things will look a little different depending upon the wood in question.

Remove V1 & V6. Put the 12AX7 from V1 into V6 and leave V1 empty. Try the vibrato channel.
I'd like to know how you are going to put the veneer on the existing guitar's body? Are you going to take the binding off and replace it?