Kind of hard for me to describe, but anyway I'm looking for a wah that does a few things.
1. Doesn't sweep(if that's what you call it) at one tiny spot. I like a wah that doesn't dramatically make the wah sound at one small spot. I play with it on clean live and don't like having to worry about being so precise-- I like moving my foot more
2. Good for cleans. I play reggae, so something that wah's my entire sound without just adding something over my sound would be nice.
3. Works on higher frets. The pedal I have now (weeping demon) doesn't really work when you get higher up.
4. Doesn't change tone too much. REAL True bypass would be nice. i have to EQ my amp differently when I use my wah... so then my other tones aren't where I want them to be unless I use the way.
5. A wah with an eq would be nice.

Looking to spend up to $150, not sure if it's a good idea to buy a wah pedal used, but I will depending on what everyone says.
fulltone clyde/clyde dlx. i use it and love it. it is built to have a longer sweep distance than most other wahs. i really like my std model. i got it at like $90 used.

i haven't played a RMC wizard wah, but i saw a band with one on the board and talked to the guitarist. it sounded killer, but obviously i can't speak anything for how it behaves.

kitty always mentions the chi-wah-wah, they sound cool, but look odd as they are the same size as a typical boss pedal. i wound't mind playing one if i could find one anywhere.
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Crybaby From Hell: you can adjust a lot on the wah, has sort of an EQ, the thing you say about higher frets, amp has also a lot to do with that,
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