I'm a complete newbie to recording. Digitech RP355, Cubase LE or X-edit software. I want to keep it simple and just do some basic recording of my guitar playing, no vocals, RP355 drum mix added in. I saw that I need 2 speakers. Either XLR or 1/4 phono. I'm thinking 1/4" phone would be for me. Any suggestions for where or what to get in the line of speakers for me. Or do I just plug my RP355 line mono output into my little Blackmon amp's 1/4" line MP3 input and forget about speakers?
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What are you trying to do, play with the drums/effects or record?

To play you just plug your guitar into the input, get the drums/effects sorted and plug the mono out (Left out) into the instrument input of your amp.

To record you're going to need a USB A/B cable (not included IIRC) to plug it into your computer, and some software.
Trying to record. I got the USB cable, and software. So I can record without any speakers just the amp.
What got me confused is the RP355 Manual shows no amp but two speakers plugged in to the RP355.
This is probably a dumb question but, is all the music signals that are being recorded to the computer is coming thru the USB cable and not being picked up by the microphones that are built into the computer? The software processes these signals.
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Okay, then yeah you don't need the speakers. The speakers it shows are studio monitors, and it shows them because they're trying to sell it as a full on recording interface.

Yes, the sound is coming entirely through the USB. Note this means you have to use the amp simulators (or one on the computer) because you won't hear the sound of your amp, but whatever the sound out of the pedal is before your amp.
If I did get the speakers, then when I was done recording and listening to my recording would the sound come out the speakers or the computer. If it came out the speakers then I could justify buying them.
depends on the recording software and how you set it up, but if you're looking at actual monitors then I don't think you could justify them (note: they start around $200 per speaker).