So I wanted to get myself both a droptune and a whammy pedal.

I was originally going to go for the Morpheus Droptune and DigiTech Whammy II, however, I just discovered this pedal, the Digitech Whammy DT, which seems absolutely incredible.

It has both the effect of a Whammy and a droptune. So It can have both a octave down and a octave up, with dry aswell, which is wonderful, aswell as many different whammy effects.

It can also transpose to whichever step you want to transpose to, be it two and half step down or a half step up, this pedal can do it. This technically means it has three (pedals I am interested in) in one. Which is the Digitech Whammy, the Morpheus Droptune, and the Morpheus Capo.

So what's the catch? I'm totally in love with the Digitech Whammy DT, but am I missing something? How about the sound quality of the octaves? Does the Morpheus Droptune have better sound quality or is the Whammy DT just superior in everything?

Thanks in advance!
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The Whammy is newer right? Technology advances so quickly, there probably isn't a catch. And if you're going to get a whammy no matter what, just get one pedal that does it all.

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The Whammy DT is fully polyphonic so it should sound great theoretically, however given my experience with the Whammy 4, if you are using a distorted tone, the whammy tends to strip some of the distortion away from the signal, the Morpheus pedals are shit, the pitches are never right. So I'd definitely go with the DT, however given that it's fully polyphonic and doesn't have a switch to change it to the old style DSP circuitry like the Whammy 5, if you ever want to play covers of stuff that used older Whammys. (Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Radiohead, White Stripes, Pantera, U2, Buckethead, Phish etc.) it's not going to sound exactly the same, it won't have the giltchy tracking in the sound. But If you mainly want it for drop turnings go for it especially now that it can be daisy chained since it runs on 9V DC not AC like the old. Also it's true bypass so it doesn't rape tone like the Whammy 4 does. The Whammy series are probably the coolest digital pedals around, you can make some interesting sounds. Well worth the money, and probably the only pedal I'm willing to spend $300 on. Still wish they'd bring back the foot button selectors for the settings like the Whammy II had, but Digitech highly improves these pedals with each generation.
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