Hey guys! I'm a guitarist and I composed a cool track! It has a kind of alternative rock/metal sound. I am really bad at writing drums so they're really simple and they don't fit the most but that's the best I could do at the time. Also, I didn't write put much effort into the bass and keyboard line because I didn't have the bass guitar and the keyboard available at the time. I would like to hear some suggestions and constructive criticism (ideas for a better bass/drums/keyboard line as well). I really hope you will like it! Everything was composed by me and was written down in Guitar Pro 6

Note: There's a weird thing with the cymbals before the rest of the instruments come in at the beginning. It is supposed to reversed cymbals which sounded awful in GP6 so I kinda improvised something. Also, the outro is a bit messed up and the instruments are probably badly balanced (I'm not that good with GP after all...). The whole piece might sound better and less boring if it'll have actual lyrics and singing :P

Hope you enjoy!
cool tune.mid
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the title says GP6, but the link says midi. either way, not a good choice for this forum. most people prefer gp5, and a lot of people dislike/cant use gp6. plus idk if its just my computer, but midi doesnt recognize bends. plus the sound quality is weird. has a lot of reverb and volume is shaky
pawn, It's not just your computer, midis always have messed up bends for me when I export from FL Studio, so I'm sure it's something similar to that.

On to the composition, overall it was pretty boring for me. Very on-beat, repetitive/little variation. I know that's partly the fault of the basic drums but the riffs weren't too exciting either.

For the genre however, I think you nailed it. I can picture this being played on my local Alternative Rock station with some smoker vocals.

The intro had a very basic, boring arpeggio picking pattern that repeated too long, and the only variation in it was all too expected, as was the note picking pattern until 0:25. My suggestion would be to play the first two measures once, then instantly go into 0:25. the bass, while simple, was actually okay. I liked the added distortion to the end of the measure at 1:10. That being said it's exactly the kind of intro I'd expect for the genre.

The next part, up until 1:36 was actually pretty good. I liked how one guitar cut out but the other continued with the lead. The turnaround right after that worked well. I didn't like how the solo was over the same riff I already heard twice in the song. The solo had little variation and I didn't enjoy hearing it.

The song is put together pretty well. I don't have any keyboard suggestions and the bass is fine really. Better drums and a vocal track would definitely improve it a lot, but it couldn't save it for me.
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Not too bad for the genre, but it was incredibly repetitive and unappealing. I think some solid vocals and some tweaking would make a difference, but strictly from the instrumental portion of it, it wasn't anything special to me.
The small lead part at 1 min 40 seems really out of key, even if its on purpose, I found it to be quite off putting.
Thank you all for your replies. I have been playing the guitar for only 6 years and this is what I am capable of so far. I added a GPX file (GP5 file was a bit of a problem). Hope it would sound better. Please re-listen!
A cool tune.gpx
I think the intro starts quite nicely with the smooth bass and and the accoustic, but it's a bit too long and gets boring. I'd try introducing either some variations or add some other instruments earlier to spice it up.

Bar 36 is pretty catchy and works pretty well as a chorus. The next section with the lead/solo also works pretty well and the transition into the chorus is done well.

Now for me, the rest is a bit repetitive, the leads are interesting but a bit over-used too. I feel like as a 3 minute song this would be a decent track, but needs a bit more structuring.

Overall pretty good work.