Picked up this fine guitar last night in a trade. Traded my Taylor GA-4 which I never really played as much as I thought I would and a little cash for this 2013 J-35.

The J-35 is a great guitar, definitely lives up to the hype. This particular one is nicer playing and sounding than the few others I've tried locally. On that note I love the neck on this guitar, nice and chunky without being too big.

The guitar has a great dynamic range. Sounds really nice when played soft but responds equally as well when dug in and strummed. Personally I think it sounds better with a light touch and fingerpicking than strummed...

The original owner bought it in June while the S/N dates it to being made Feb 14th (with love!!! [wub] ). Does anyone know when these J-35's started being made? From my research this is the earliest one I can find.

Anyways another happy J-35 owner. Great value for your money.

Going to do some A/B test with the J-35 vs J-45 TV this weekend, see how they compare. Looking forward to having my LG-2 back from the shop so I can compare a legit banner against the two reissue banners.
(on that note I do wish Gibson didn't put the banner on this J-35 and kept it period accurate).

nice job ! i hear so many positive things about the J35 but, i haven't had the opportunity to try one yet. given Gibson's inconsistancy issues and the fact that most J35's all sound similar(great) i'm dying for the chance to get my hands on one.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)