I'm currently looking into buying an acoustic/electric guitar. Here's my dilemma - I've really been looking into the Godin 5th Avenue (I like the price and the archtop look). However, the 5th Avenue is just a straight acoustic guitar. Then there's the 5th Avenue Kingpin, which seems to be the same guitar, but with a P90 pickup and volume and tone knobs. It sounds decent in the review videos, but it comes with nickel-wound electric strings. This might be just me, but I don't see how these electric strings could possibly make an acoustic sound through an amp. Here are my questions:

- Would it be possible to string the Kingpin with acoustic strings and still be able to play it through an amp?
- Would it be too expensive/more trouble than it's worth to put a pickup system into the acoustic 5th Avenue?
- If anyone has the Kingpin model, does it still provide an acoustic sound when plugged in?

Thank you!
well, if you truly are looking for an electric/acoustic, you're going to be sorely disappointed with the 5th ave.
that's a semi-hollowbody guitar, not an acoustic. ever go to the zoo and head right over to the lion pen just to see an elephant in there right under the lion sign?..yep, it's an animal but not quite what you wanted to see.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I had time to talk to my luthier today. I think what I'm just going to do is order the straight acoustic 5th Avenue and have him install a pickup system in it.
i really like the 5th avenue - i played fingerstyle on one for a couple hours and had a blast. i didn't plug it in, though.
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What are you trying to achieve here? Is it the look you want, or the sound. These guitars are really jazz boxes and are stringed and tuned accordingly. Like Step said you carn't compare apples to oranges. Cheers
Well, I play in a country band, and I've kind of gotten bored with the looks of the traditional acoustic guitar. I like the look of the archtop, and I think the sound would work well with fingerstyle playing, as well as some acoustic lead and slide stuff.
Wow you play in a country band and you would choose a Jazz box over, lets say a Gretsch.

Well good luck and let us all know how it turns out. Cheers
Haha, no worries! My Telecaster is still my go-to axe

Plus, I like the price of that jazz box over that of a Gretsch.

Thanks, all!