I have a strat again. And thusly I am going into manic what if mode. The big what if I have right now is, what if: I get a custom wound wide range "reproduction" I the neck, a over wound tele bridge pickup in the bridge, then either a tele neck pickup/mini humbucker/ or a nice strat middle pickup for the middle position....
Would that be awesome tonal diversity or epic overkill?
It'd be an unbalanced Strat that excelled at nothing in particular. Strats are best not at their best with indecision.
Reverend up until recently made the Six-Gun with a Tele bridge and standard singlecoils, and people liked that. The Six-Gun has become a SSS guitar, but now there is Rev's Pete Anderson Eastsider S with the TSS array. So something like that could work.

They also make the Buckshot which partners a Tele bridge pickup and a RevTron miniHB in the neck. So again, something like that could work.

However, mixing a miniHB with a T and S? Could be messy, like JustRooster said.

FWIW, I also like what I have heard of the Fret-King Super 60SP, which has a P90 in the bridge partnered with 2 singlecoils. To me, that means a bridge miniHB with 2 singlecoils might also make for a nice guitar.
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