I've only recently gotten into the pedal scene but the more I noodle around with what is out there the more I wonder how I've been able to do without them. A few months ago our band leader very discreetly offered up a Keeley Compressor for me to use and our sound guy (who normally says very little) commented to me that I'm sending a much easier to work with signal...so I bought one. That started it, I've since purchased a few more and decided to have a custom case type board built. I play single coils in a couple of my guitars so the 'hum' is always present. I've always considered it a necessary evil and maybe even part of the charm of single coils but it is disposable and that's the point for your opinion. Should I also include some sort of noise gate pedal as a 'just in case' measure or am I OK without it? Thanks guys...I value your input.
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I would. Boss NS-2s are dirt cheap, and they are excellent. I've owned a couple, I've tested them extensively - on, off, batteries, daisy chained, out of chain completely - no effect on tone.

Just getting that in before the naysayers have at it. People like to shit on Boss, and admittedly their track record is a little tarnished with me now (CS-3), but I can't find any fault with the NS-2. Excellent pedal, excellent value. You won't find those features anywhere near as cheap anywhere else.
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Thanks Off and the NS-2 would certainly be a consideration based upon how widely they are used. The ISP Decimator is the current hype machine and I'm really intrigued by the Rocktron Guitar Silencer as well but the question is not necessarily which pedal but rather, out of possible necessity, should this pedal be included and perhaps why or why not.

Edit: Sorry Off, one vote for I would. I need to pay better attention.
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The Joyo noise gate is pretty easy and simple, and the Mooer noise clamp seems to me pretty nice too for the money.
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i second the smart gate, I put one in my signal path at the end and it really helps. My ts9 is kind of noisy here and there and its takes all the noise right out. I think it was only $90 or so when i bought it also. I keep the threshold all the way up and my signal is still pretty perfect and it doesnt clamp too soon but is very tight for staccato stuff.