This morning I put new strings (D'Addario Pro Arte EJ45 normal tension) on my classical guitar and frankly my guitar refuses to stay in tune longer than 10 minutes. All the strings (but the trebles in particular) drop as much as half a step and that's even if I just tune up (standard tuning) and don't actually play.

I am pretty certain I put the strings on correctly. I even tightened the tuning pegs. There hasn't been any temperature change in my room either.

I don't know what my previous strings were because they came with the guitar but they worked fine.

What's wrong? Should I get a lighter tension?
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Nylon strings simply take time to settle in, much more so than steel strings do. Just keep retuning and playing/stretching the strings and they will settle down. Mine sometimes take up to a week to behave themselves!
yup - nylon strings stretch, and there's not much to do about it. i'd say a week is the minimum for them to settle, but it depends on how much you play them (and tune and tune and tune them).
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You'll have to retune it a bunch times before the new strings stretch and settle in. Just the nature of the beast with nylon strings.