Not much of this style posted? This is a great song which everyone should learn! It is a Bulerias by Sabicas, but I think arranged by Grisha Goryachev in a classical way? Not sure.

The video is the result of a tab I transcribed for it, you can also find the tab here on UG, link on the video as well. Acoustic, cheap cam, and all that good stuff. Comments, Likes, Subscribes n all that appreciated. Enjoy learning this wonderful piece!



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Some beastly playing sir, I hope that in a few years I will be able to play that clean and quickly.
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Neat playing. Gives me a good vibe. Took me one minute to realize that's your foot in the foreground. I don't have much to say because you did what you did very well ( I presume, I don't know the original piece). Tight playing.

I like the look of that blonde guitar too. Is that wood or is it painted like that? Can't really tell because of the video quality.
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Hey FretboardToAsh, some time no see mate! Same for you, hope all's been well.

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The guitar just looks like that, it was the Yamaha CG... something something... honestly can't remember haha, the flamenco edition. There's a link in the description to the original piece I transcribed from, well worth checking out as well!