Hello all. I'm currently looking for a guitar to keep in B Standard/Drop B for some heavier stuff.

Budget? - About $350 but would prefer slightly less if possibly.

Favorite Artists? - Well I would be using the guitar for music by FFDP and Breaking Benjamin mostly.

Preferences? - I'm used to using a Epi Les Paul so I would actually prefer a slightly thicker neck than most metal guitars. I mean I know it will be thinner than my LP but I don't want the neck to be super thin. Also, the bridge needs to be like a LP bridge or like the bridge on this guitar http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/ibanez-rg3xxv-25th-anniversary-electric-guitar I just really can't stand the bridges on strats and teles.

Pickups? - H/H please or H/S just a humbucker in the bridge and no middle pickup.

New or Used? - Used is fine as long as it's in good condition.

Location? - I am located in Dothan, AL. My closest guitar center is in Montgomery, AL.

Current Gear? - Current gear is an Epiphone Les Paul stock and a JCA20 tube amp.

As an additional question, what size strings should I use for Drop B, B standard? I use 11's for standard if that helps.
See if you can score a used Godin Redline HB.
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Look at your EC's for your price you can get a good EC300 maybe. I say EC's because you are used to playing Lp's so this may be an easy transition for you.
+1 for the Eclipse.
As for the strings, just get a 7 string set and only use the heaviest 6. In the case of Ernie Ball regulars, that's 13 - 56.
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