Hey guys. I have the opportunity to buy a ESP LTD H-1001 (the guitar I've been wanting for ages) at a bargain of £300 including hard case. However, it has a couple of noticeable cosmetic damages and I'm usually funny with damages.

It has a hairline crack near the neck joint but my other guitar has that and I know it's not THAT noticeable or serious. However, there is quite a nasty ding on the side near the jack input that's putting me off taking the £300 plunge.

Is this severe looking to you guys? Would you snap it up?
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What do you mean, severe-looking? It looks like somebody bounced it off the floor. That sucks, but clearly it's far from any electronics or functional parts. If it looks too ugly for you, don't buy it.
If you're looking at used gear, this kind of thing is to be expected. Here are a couple of factors you may want to consider in your decision of whether or not to buy it. For one thing, the guitar is still a really good deal, especially considering that it comes with a hard case. The cosmetic flaws that you mention play into that. Without the damage, the guitar would cost you more, so to an extent it works in your favor. Also, the damage looks to be purely cosmetic, and certainly would have no effect on the sound or playability of the instrument. Lastly, think about how many people, besides yourself of course, are really going to notice. For example, if you brought this guitar to a gigging situation, it's extremely doubtful that even your bandmates would notice such small things about your guitar, much less anybody in the audience. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but I would very much be inclined to say that you're getting a great guitar at a great price.
if it is just cosmetic only avoid if it bothers you. Resale will be hurt but if you don't care then roll with it. I would only avoid it if was like a cracked headstock or have some serious beater damage.
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