I'm a little late to the party with this band, but I love the bass sound, really dirty but still quite well defined. I know he mainly uses J basses and P basses, with a pick, into an orange head and 4x10 (I think I saw him use a Fender head and cab in one earlier video), but I'm curious what drive he uses? I'm assuming a fuzz, judging by the vintage-esque gear, I would hazard a guess at a Big Muff or similar.
The albums are 'Lotus Island' and 'The Moment you Realize you're going to Fail' that I'm most interested in. Examples from 'Lotus Island' are below.



If any one has any info it would be much appreciated, my Google search was less then helpful.
Purely based on what I'm hearing:

- Sounds like he's using a pick. The envelope characteristics of a bass played with a pick will help with the clarity that he gets.
- Definitely some variety of fuzz. Potentially a big muff. The first clip sounds more like something with a pinch, possibly a ZVEX.
- There's a clean sound mixed on. Quite a deep one; not much (if any) high end. Conversely, the fuzz sound is lacking in low end. I imagine the fuzz is high-passed and the clean is low-passed.
- I believe in the first clip he's got an octaver on too. It's subtle, but I'm sure I can hear it. Probably before the fuzz, and mixed fairly low, sounds like it's affecting both signals.

Depends on your budget as to how you go about emulating that sound (they're not really the same sound anyway, one has an octaver and I don't imagine that they're the same fuzz, certainly not the same settings). The EHX Bass Big Muff Pi Deluxe would be a good bet if you don't want to spend loads and get complicated with looper pedals. A nice blend function and some good filtering control (especially with the crossover control). Won't set you back too much and a nice simple, compact way of doing it. You might want to look at putting an octaver in front of it too.
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cheers, didn't notice an octaver in there, the filters help explain the clarity.