I have a Ibanez RG 350 DX (the old model) I use 9s. and I always get my guitar in tune but when I push the whammy bar up and leave it the strings go from the normal pitch to a little higher but when I push the bar down they are in normal pitch and I just cant find a solutin for this problem I watched my springs as I did this and when I push the bar up they seem to stay up for like 2 cm so I wonder if the springs are the problem maybe they are old I dont know please help guys I need to fix this
If it has an Edge-III tremolo, that's your problem as I've found your problem happening with lots of those tremolos. It's usually to do with the knife edges being blunted out from wear/mis-use.
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I sharpened the knife edges but the problem stays -.- I'll just buy a new floyd and b done with it thanks for your help