Would it be possible for me
to replace the 4x10 speakers
in the combo with two 12" speakers?
They look like they would fit
and if so what would you recomnd?
Maybe someone else will chime in but that seems like a real bad idea for several reasons.

1.) The 12 inch speaker probably will not fit. You'd have to recut the baffles and remeasure for screw holes etc.

2.) I am assuming you want to just have 2 speakers in there to reduce weight? That will just leave a lot of dead space inside that combo which may f**k with your tone. Kinda boomy maybe.

That's my opinion. Maybe lets start with WHY you want to do this and then go from there. It might be easier to get a 212 speaker cabinet custom for your application or get some new 10" speakers or get a whole new amp
Wanting to do this for weight reasons but mainly for sound.
I would like more low end only gripe with the amp is lack of
low end.
I see.

Well, at first I was thinking of the Celestion Vintage 30 10" speaker, but those won't necessarily help with the low end. That said, they may be better than what you have now. I bet Jensen has a speaker that will help. Maybe gumbilicious or someone can help. Let's see who I can round up on this.

That's an open back combo right? What kind of music do you play?

v...Another good idea trashedlostfdup. You could turn your combo into an amp head and then just get a 212 cab. The ultimate in portability.
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Build a new cab for the chassis. Get the measurements from a cab you want to clone. (personally i eun the math myself for the exact speakers) build it out of batic birch 3/4" plywood. Probably a $50+ sheet of wood. I usually stain and tung oil, or formica.

Its work and worth it for the money you save, and it is unique.
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I play metal not to much modern metal
more like 90's metal with a few exceptions.
And yes its open back.
The Celestion V30 10" will make your tone better, but the bass will still be lacking.

Your best bet is make it into a head and get a 2x12.

If your handy, you should be able to make a new baffle for 2x12 with your combo. They will be diagonal, but it will work. That being said, a 2x12 combo is still heavy as hell.
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So your saying pull the 4x10 baffle out and
make my own 2x12 baffle correct?
sounds like you're dealing with a 4x10 combo that is open back. you are wanting to replace the 10" speakers with 12" speakers so you can get more low end because you play metal music.

what you'd have to do is modify or replace the baffle most likely. i would need the dimensional specs of the cabinet in order to inform you better, but you'd most likely have to make a new baffle and offset the speakers diagonally in some sorta way to make it work.

there is a good chance it won't work, and the other option has been mentioned wherein you get an external 2x12 (and possibly make the combo into a head). i think this will serve you purpose better, you'd be able to run a closed back cab which will give you the attack and low end you will desire for your genre of music. you may still wanna keep the 4x10 and just add the 2x12 cab to it, it may mix really well.
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Yes that is what I'm dealing with a 4x10
combo id like to not hack it up so I can
sell in the future any decent
2x12 combos you can recommend?
Budget being 300/500 US.
So if you sell the Peavey you'll have maybe $700-$800?

I mean the Ultra as an should be great for metal - I just think you're hindered by the 4 - 'average' 10" speakers (as you've determined).

If you really like the tone of your amp then stick to some of the suggestions we've given you.

Here is a Mesa 212 cab?

I really don't see anything that is going to better than what you have amp wise? Are you pretty happy with the metal tone you have now?
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So your saying pull the 4x10 baffle out and
make my own 2x12 baffle correct?


I think that if you do not want to ruin the combo, make a new head shell. with tolex and everything it still should be under $100. Then you have your 4x10 combo whole if you want to get rid of it.

Peavey Ultras are great for what your playing IMO. you just need a few 12" drivers to help your tone.
2002 PRS CE22
2013 G&L ASAT Deluxe
2009 Epiphone G-400 (SH-4)
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Krank 1980 Jr 20watt
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Thanks a lot guys first off.
Yes I really like the tone of
this amp so I brain stormed.
I'm gonna get a v30 2x12 mount
the combo to the 2x12 get a
very nice appliance dolly with
moving straps and man up.
I'm gonna make cab/combo
so they detach or stack. Will
I be able to run both 10's and 12's
at the same time?
Cathbard would be very proud

Personally, I'd just cut the Ultra up and put the amp part in a headshell and then put it on top of the 212 you are going to get. A closed back cab with the right speakers (even V30s) will be such an improvement for metal vs an open back boomy 4x10.

Yes, you can mix the speaker types but you really need to be careful here.

Does the amp now have an external speaker jack built in?
What is the ohm (impedance) of each of the 10" speakers you have now?
Does the amp have an ohm selector switch on the back?
Can you take a picture of the back of your amp?
Do you gig?

PS: I did check some surrounding craigslist stuff and saw things like a Valveking halfstack, Carvin Legacy, 6505+112, stuff like that but your amp that you have now should be just fine and think you'll really be happy after you make some of these adjustments.

And honestly, I cannot imagine (well I can) needing to run a 212 cabinet AND your 4x10 or 2x10 combo at the same time. The 212 will deliver so much ooomph as it is.

Good luck
Its got a ohm selector switch and can you
buy just a headshell anywhere or should I
just chop it and put a board on the bottom
making sure to leave space for
Reverb tank and transformers?
I am going to be gigging very
soon that's why I need this sorted
and I'll take some pics but gotta
have my lady post I don't know how
she's at work and yes it has a speaker
You should be able to get a headshell that work decently.
Take some measurements of the top part of the amp with a little clearance built in.
I'm thnking that the amp itself is the same one peavey would have used for their Ultra heads.
Is this 60w or 120w (sorry if I forgot).
If you ever pull the amp itself out of the combo be very carefull not to tough anything on the inside. Exposed amps can be deadly until their filter caps are discharged.
You may want to get a tech do this part anyway.
If you are going to be gigging I'd do this right and get a headshell.
I am assuming you have a 4, 8 and 16 ohm selector.
Do you use reverb?

I'm not an expert an combo to head conversions but there are plenty of tutorials out there - even on UG.

If you are taking your own photos and want to learn how to post pics using photobucket or dropbox I can help you.
I just remembered that if you flip the amp upside down to do a traditional headshell all of your controls will be upside down

So your best bet is to either find a shell that will work, or make your own. If you make your own you will need to create some 'slider slots' to slide the amp in and then somewhat to secure it.

Here are some cool somewhat related things I found:


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Its the 60 watt. I should be able to mod it just like the
Ultra and Valve king in your links all I would
have to do is use the top half of the combo to house
it like it all ready does than use the rest of the cab
to make the bottom of the head and use the vinyl to
cover it buy a 2x12 and done.
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I think for metal I would just sell it now as is and then start over.

+1, basically what I suggested in the original thread. Try to find the head, it's a much better piece to have because it's not so horribly limited.
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That's why I'm turning this into
a head no more limitations then.
And I all ready have a 6505 head
this is a project I want to do.
This will be used at smaller gigs
and practice instead of the 6505.