hey guys

so basically

ive been playing for like 5 years

but i completely suck, i mean i cant write solos or actually play one

i didnt really study music or music theory

i just wanna know wt can i do and where to start from

p.s i mostly play heavy and thrash

'i dunno if this is the right place to post this :p'
You've said what you can't do, but what can you do at the moment?
Theory is one thing but whats most important is finding out what your desires are.
You can create beautiful music without theory and nothing but your own Ears and mind, if you take your time.
I'm not saying you don't need theory, not at all, but we need to know what your goal is.

My advice is to work on the following 3 things simultaneously in your practice as you go on.

If you want to create your own music, listen to your favorite bands and imitate(transcribe) them and create something that Represents the sound you love about those bands or types of music. Through this you will also learn all the technique you need to be able to play something like it.

Learn theory, learn it until you have no further questions.
If you don't have any questions or don't want to ask any at all, then don't learn it.
If you decide to not learn any theory one out of two things will happen here, you will either;

a) Play by ear for your entire life and be satisfied with it because it works great for you.
b) Or your mind will simply raise questions and get you to learn theory eventually.

Ear Training. Practice ear training just as concisely as everything else.
It can be rough and discouraging at the beginning, but so is everything else, and especially learning a new language, which music is.
But the good news is that with every bit of new knowledge it get's easier and will make you understand music thoroughly.
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