So I've been playing guitar for about seven months, and I've been trying to learn the solo to the song Stairway to Heaven. It's relatively simple, except I just cannot get these scales down at the speeds they're played at without it sounding like the choppiest things ever playing on a guitar, which blowsa, considering how famous the song is for flowing so well.

I'm using a 1mm Jazz III pick, if that makes a difference.
Make it flow when you're playing it slowly first, unless it sounds good and is easy when you're doing it slowly you'll never be able to do it fast.
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Visualize the fretboard as best as you can, piece together licks and shapes that fit within the parameters of the scales you know. Practice, you're just starting. Keep reading, learn about certain technique execution and pick and chose from what you like. Utilize the youtube machine. Immerse yourself in Paul Gilbert, who had the best analogy (imo) regarding the left hand being the steering wheel (of a car) and the right hand being the gas.

This instance pertains to the practice of fast and scalar legato/hammer-ons/pulloffs before alt picking, as you can't drive a car fast without being able to steer
Legato and fluidity in your playing is where it's at